2nd Wind coaches

Ellen Frost


Ellen began attending SQUARE UP classes back when the program first began.  She fell in love with it immediately and was thrilled to discover she was a natural!  In early 2019, Tekoa invited Ellen to join the 2nd Wind team as a SQUARE UP Coach.  She completed her certification on May 13, 2019.  When Ellen isn't coaching, she enjoys working out, spending time with her husband and 4 kids, crafting, leading Girl Scouts, walking her neighborhood and surrounding paths, shopping with her mom, and spending time with friends.

"Ellen is definitely a natural boxer with excellent body control.  She also does not hesitate to jump in and work with clients to improve their form and technique, while also encouraging them and making them feel welcome and accomplished.  This combination of great qualities makes  Ellen an outstanding addition to the 2nd Wind team and I feel blessed to have her on board."-Tekoa

Tekoa Geswein


    Tekoa is the owner of 2nd Wind Health and Fitness and creator of the signature SQUARE UP and MET20 classes.  She is a certified personal trainer and health coach, and has additional certifications in TRX, Bootcamp, Turbokick, Pilates,  and Functional Training.  She started 2nd Wind because she saw a need for a smaller, more personal environment for individuals who may not be ready for or interested in a large health club.  She loves what she does and the amazing people she is privileged to coach.  When Tekoa isn't coaching, she enjoys time with her husband and 3 kids, working out, running trails, coaching cross country, reading and completing continuing education courses, listening to motivational speakers, volunteering, crocheting, sketching, watching baseball, appreciating animals and nature, hanging out with friends, and taking long hot baths.

"You know those moments in life when you know you are doing something you were created to do?  That is how I feel every time I step foot in the HUT.  I thoroughly enjoy getting to know my clients and helping them find their find their 2nd Wind.  When they begin to see and feel results, I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have been a part of their success."-Tekoa

Amy Hasemann


Amy first heard about the Square Up classes in March 2019 and took her first class in April. To say it was love at first punch would be an understatement! She immediately set a goal to become a Square Up coach and completed her certification on May 20, 2019. When Amy isn't coaching, she enjoys cheering for her 3 kids at their various activities, spending time with her husband, kids and their dog, Letty, working out, reading, cooking, gardening, crafting, interior design, spending time with friends, and volunteering as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for children in Tippecanoe County. 

"I knew from Day 1 there was something special about Amy.  She caught on quickly, and her movements were very precise and purposeful.  I knew Amy would make a great coach because she understands and lives out both the physical and emotional aspect of Square Up.  She will do an excellent job of passing that passion and structure onto her clients.  This is what I look for in a 2nd Wind Coach, and Amy has it!"-Tekoa