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What is SQUARE UP?

SQUARE UP is 30 minutes of fitness boxing custom designed by Tekoa. The phrase SQUARE UP is both a boxing term and a term that applies to life.  In boxing, square up means to prepare your mind and body for a fight.  In life, to square up means to make things right with a person or situation.  2nd Wind's SQUARE UP workout has earned it's title.  This empowering workout combines the strength and power of boxing with the layout and design of a group fitness class.  Tekoa is a firm believer in the power of a small group.  SQUARE UP classes are limited to 7 people.  Any fitness level can be successful boxing.   2nd Wind coaches are ready to meet you where you are and help you get where you want to be.  For 30-min you will enter into a zone of YOU time.  It has become 2nd Wind's signature class because all who try it, love it.  


What is MET 20?

Long workouts are proven to no longer be necessary.  In fact, they can be harmful.  Tekoa created MET20 with a very specific goal in mind, building your metabolism.  MET20 works by combining a series of 5 hybrid movements(multiple muscle groups at once) into a circuit that repeats for 20 minutes.  What makes this different from any other workout?...YOU call the shots.  There are no scheduled breaks. You go 100% until you max out, then rest briefly and start again.  How do you know if you're going 100% and reaching your peak?  Tekoa will coach you, push you, and help you find it.  THAT is what a coach does, and that is what she will do for you.  Your body will respond quickly to this form of metabolic training.  Best of all, it only takes 20 minutes!!!

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The studio is called The HUT (Helping-U-Transform), and that is exactly what we do at 2nd Wind.  The HUT continues to grow and change as needs change.  The middle wall that separates the two spaces is set to come down in June, which will maximize our space and complete the look!  The HUT is designed for small groups because Tekoa believes that the BEST, SAFEST, and most EFFECTIVE way to coach is in a small envionment where she can provide personalized attention.  The HUT will challenge you, it will ask you to give 110%, but it will  not judge you.  Come as you are and leave even better.


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